Midstate Electrical Training Center

Over 65 years ago the Illinois Chapter, NECA, Midstate Division and the IBEW Local 146 jointly established their own training program, Midstate Electrical Training Center. In 1944, this training program was registered with the U.S. Department of Labor. It is the apprenticeship and training program for this local jurisdiction and its Apprentices and Journeyman.

Apprenticeship and Training for Careers as Electrical Workers in the Union Electrical Construction Industry

Midstate Electrical Training Center is the primary training source for the area’s Union Electrical Construction Industry. METC’s goal is to recruit the best possible candidates for the Apprenticeship Programs it operates for the Industry. METC seeks those that are best suited for a career as an Electrical Worker. Our customers, Union Electrical Contractors, and Union demand it. Through METC, Apprentices are properly and safely trained until they top out as Journeyman Electrical Workers. These careers are construction based occupations. A true desire to be committed and dedicated to a career in this Industry is an imperative prerequisite one must have prior to completing an application. The best Electrical Workers in the Industry earn an excellent living; even as national and local economies rise and fall. To earn and keep an opportunity, a person must be able to meet all of METC’s requirements, qualifications, and expectations.

Electrical Worker Apprenticeship opportunities combine On-the-Job Training (OJT) through employment with a Union Electrical Contractor and mandatory Related Classroom Training (RCT). Apprentices receive RCT at the Training Center in Decatur, IL. While on the job an Apprentice is under the supervision of a Journeyman Electrical Worker and is taught the practical aspects of the trade. While in the classroom, an Apprentice is taught the theoretical aspects of the trade by a Journeyman Electrical Worker who is a qualified subject matter expert. An Apprentice graduates to Journeyman status after successfully serving his/her Apprenticeship. Union Electrical Contractors throughout the Nation employ Journeymen and Apprentice Electrical Workers. Union Electrical Workers are the best in the Electrical Industry. They are highly skilled electrical tradesmen that receive excellent pay, paid pension plans, and paid family health insurance premiums.

Electrical Worker Apprenticeship Opportunities offered by METC of Decatur, IL

These opportunities represent construction based occupations.

Inside Wireman:

  • 5-Year Apprenticeship Program
  • A minimum of 8,000 Hours of On-the-Job Training
  • A minimum of 900 hours of Related Classroom Training

Voice/Data/Video Installer Technician:

  • 3-Year Apprenticeship Program
  • A minimum of 6,000 Hours of On-the-Job Training
  • A minimum of 480 hours of Related Classroom Training

To learn more about a career as an Electrical Worker:

For more information contact METC at 217-875-3041 – Training Director Jason Drake, Ext 2 or Office Manager Tracie Hart, Ext 1 or e-mail at:

[email protected]

[email protected]

Midstate Electrical Training Center
3390 N Woodford
Decatur, IL 62526
The Training Center is located in the east half of IBEW Local 146s facility. Please use the North Entrance